Covid-19 has devasted communities across the world

Across the world, amidst the setback of COVID-19 cases, there is a deepening crisis in predicting the newly infected patients, proper vaccination campaigns, effective planning operations, and resource deployments. Can blockchain help mitigate this situation?

In just over three months of the Coronavirus outbreak, new cases have escalated to more than a million worldwide. There is a rapid transmission of the virus, and simultaneously, the death rate forced the world to undergo lockdowns and social distancing. Mask and sanitizer have been added as the new-normal to one’s life.

A new set of data, both positive and negative, went to a…

Eventually, blockchain technology skyrocketed to various industries and embedded in numerous systems. It has gone to a blaze of glory. Perhaps, the world was not prepared for such a big revolution, and perhaps, we have gone through it, and today we are living with it.

As the use cases rise, blockchain technology is seen in voting systems too. A few embrace the innovation, and a few debate! What is it like to participate in the electoral process that is at hand with blockchain?

Well, a few security experts warn that the internet-based election system is likely open to attacks and…

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If you are struck with Blockchain-powered Bitcoin, then you should probably update your software. True that! Blockchain is about to burst into flames — glowing fiercely with incredible potential in the film industry.

Over the past years, Bitcoin’s value has fluctuated between $8,000 and $12,000 and now skyrocketed in value starting in October 2020. As of date, while writing this line, I found Bitcoin around $58,000. Well, devastated by pandemic and switched to the digital economy, this digital gold, I mean, the Bitcoin, caught everyone’s attention. …

It is quite fascinating to see blockchain amalgamation with various industries — blockchain in finance, technology, healthcare, real estate, business operations, and innovations, obviously. You see, from streamlining business processes to standardizing data efficiency in the business, blockchain plays an essential role in every single business. It is up to you — how you make it work depends on your capability!

Blockchain technology has come a long way with diversified potential. It is being incorporated in businesses — not all, though. The big giants that are looking for digital transformations and technological innovations are already adopting this disruptive technology.


As of now, Ethereum is the most well-known and successful blockchain that enables a smart contract platform that has proper state channels. This means that every block of the Ethereum blockchain has information related to its entire state. The information comprises account balances, contract code, and contract storage, etc.

What are state channels?

State channels are referred to as the procedure through which the users conduct a transaction with each other off-the-chain or outside the blockchain. Both participants use their private keys in the channel for the transaction, ensuring security in the process. It is quite similar to that of Bitcoin Lightning Network’s payment…

The European Union (EU) Green Deal is the groundbreaking, revolutionary step to become the first climate-neutral organization worldwide by 2025. It is a commitment to boost the green economy and protect the environment through green technology. It creates a sustainable industry and transport and improves air, water, soil, and cutting down the pollution. As a result, the EU Green Deal is a plan to make the EU’s economy sustainable. In this article we will learn about how blockchain technology can save tress and the country.

But it is evident that how the policy changes are executed across 27 countries in…

The year 2009 was the landmark year when the cryptocurrency was created in the year 2009 by a pseudonymous developer known as Satoshi Nakamoto. While we have not been able to figure out who the gentleman Satoshi Nakamoto is; his contribution is undoubtedly important from the perspective of 2020s economy. Bitcoins are designed to function like exchange mediums that are secured with strong cryptography. This would in turn secure financial deals, control the creation of additional units and verify asset transfers. Using a decentralized control mechanism, they are able to exercise decentralized control.

Bitcoin emerged as the open-source software which…

The Blockchain Consensus

The buzz around blockchain remains too high. A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and public digital ledger used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without altering the subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. The blockchain needs a functional, efficient and secure consensus algorithm to function globally with a shared public ledger.

Here, I’ll be discussing the consensus mechanisms that a blockchain uses. It differs from blockchain to blockchain and the technology they are using; for example, Ethereum uses Proof of stake, and Bitcoin uses Proof of work.

Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms:

Proof of Work**

If we have to talk about the pioneering technology that’s bringing in a great impact in almost all the industries, that will be Blockchain!

Blockchain has become the most promising technology that no tech giant would want to move away from it. The top companies are utilizing blockchain technology to the fullest. They brought it into the mainstream since the evolution of bitcoin.

We’ve listed below the top firms leading in empowering their products and services with blockchain technology. Take a glance at the list of enterprises embracing the blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrencies to improve their businesses' efficiency and revenue.


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