Building the PayCircle DeFi solution and low-cost payment rails.

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The first thing to do with blockchain technology is to register the transfer of goods in a register of transactions, identifying the parties involved, the price, the date, the location, the quality, the condition of the product, and all other information relevant to the management of supply chains. When goods change hands, blockchain infrastructure is a valid solution to track and verify who the producer is, where the farmer is and what supply has been produced.

On the other hand, blockchains allow customers to identify the origin of goods from source to end-user if this is allowed. Blockchains ensure that…

Although every diamond unearthed is unique, some stand out and earn a story of their own. Sometimes their weight is far more than average, and other times it’s their color or shape that gives it its value. Either way, they are scarce and always coveted by diamond lovers eager to outbid their competition. The resulting price tag is not surprisingly stratospheric.

Much to one’s dismay, this is why one often hears of low-quality replicas being sold as originals, whereas the original gem itself vanishes into obscurity. The wide scope for this to occur has made the need for enhanced traceability…

“This company has a high probability of succeeding in its near-term goals and of generating large revenues as Defi payments are the future, that’s why I’m very optimistic as an investor. I’ve known the management team personally for several years and find them exceptionally competent and dedicated. Globally, the potential market is huge. The testing, technical and legal framework is almost complete and will allow commercialization to begin in the next few months. I recommend this as a relatively low risk to reward investment to any investor with a keen interest in bringing a new idea into the market.”

-Chetan Patel, Lead Investor in Diamante

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India is leading the way when it comes to blockchain development

India has always been right at the top in terms of software programmers and developers for many. This streak of excellence has extended to experts of blockchain technology. According to a market analysis conducted by London-based blockchain consulting firm, Dappros, the number of blockchain developers in India (which is also one of the top-most diamond hubs) is rising. The country has earned second place on the list, beating the UK, Canada, and France, preceded only by the United States, the highest-ranking nation on the list. …

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A New Standard: Crypto-Spatial Coordinates (CSCs)

The starting point is something called Crypto-Spatial Coordinates.

CSC is a new shared location standard. To put it simply, it allows any blockchain application to make an immutable claim to a blockchain address and a corresponding location on the map.

With a CSC, any physical location can have a corresponding smart contract address accessible for decentralized applications. This adds a new spatial dimension to the Blockchain Ecosystem.

How Crypto-Spatial Coordinates Work

A CSC consists of location information…

The corporate payment will transform the entire gem and jewelry industry. With cutting edge speed, safety, and freedom from centralized government control, corporate payments are set to be the modern transacting medium for the gem and jewelry industry. With conventional transacting methods facing several red tapes at the geographical boundaries; the real solution lies in virtual currencies that can be exchanged to other fiat currencies. With dedicated crypto assets for the gem and jewelry industry; these crypto-assets would have the benefits of

  • Enabling businesses to move assets and settle multiple payment options instantaneously using secured blockchain technology
  • Ensure extreme safety…

Just in case if you are not aware of this, let us tell you. Almost half of 2021 has appeared to be the year of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Believe it or not, NFTs took over the world. Prolific celebrities, athletes, and musicians are pouring almost all their creativity into the NFT space and its working. Although the NFT is in the nascent stage, there is so much excitement in it. On the other hand, the NFT marketplace is still yet to go in a full-swing. …

We can start with the historical backdrop of blockchain. The fundamental objective of making this kind of network was to send information between two gatherings without the data or the information being hacked, altered, or deleted. Blockchain technology is a straightforward and profoundly secure network appropriate for exchanges, delicate data sharing, and different tasks requiring well-being and tact.

The thought traces all the way back to the ’90s. Yet, the blockchain was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym used by the creator himself, and it was unequivocally identified with Bitcoin (BTC). This way, the money he made could be…

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