How much money is sent around the world using crypto?

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How much money is sent around the world using crypto?

Digital assets have a modest market share of overall cross-border payments — but demand is growing.

According to Juniper Research, international digital remittances are set to surge to $525 billion by 2024… a 102% rise from where they were in 2019. This figure includes fintech platforms that solely deal in flat.

“Utilizing a blockchain-powered network, operators can offer their users a much faster, cheaper and more transparent service,” the authors said.

This view has been echoed by BlockData, which recently revealed that blockchain-based transactions are typically 388 times faster and 127 times cheaper than traditional remittances.

It’s a fast-moving industry, and it’s difficult to put an exact number on the volumes of cross-border payments made using crypto. However, figures from Clovr showed that 15% of those who made remittances from the U.S. in 2017 used a digital asset such as Bitcoin — making it more popular than prepaid cards, checks and cash.
When it comes to business-to-business payments made via blockchain, this figure stood at $171 billion in 2019, but Juniper Research estimates that this will exceed $4.4 trillion in just four years’ time.

Courtesy- Blockchain News

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